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I’ve decided to start a blog. (She typed two and a half hours after closing a small army of tabs chocked full of “inspiration.”)

At the end of 2014, I told myself I was going to write more in 2015. Perhaps not all of it will be public (you’re welcome), but I think I have something to say. It’s about time I jotted a few of these things down.


After talking and talking about blogging last year, seeing Bridget’s text, eating two homemade donuts, and having one final encouraging conversation, I caved.

I don’t want this to be a place for strictly food posts. No one needs to see the amount of times I make eggs and toast in a week. But I also don’t want this to be a place for me just to pour out my feelings.

“Hi? Sixth grade called. It wants its emotions back.” Amiright?

There’s no content plan. If we’re being honest, I probably won’t post at a regular rate. If we’re being rull honest, I’m nervous to see where this goes.

What if I DO share too many feelings?

What if I take a 6-month hiatus?

What if I should’ve gone with Tumblr?


I’m learning to embrace a little change. To relinquish control where I can’t influence anything and to cultivate some of the habits and relationships that have gotten me to this point. This blog is my attempt to push myself creatively. To hold myself accountable to writing and creating more. To going on lots of adventures and engaging in meaningful conversations both within this space and away from it.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet more than a handful of wonderful humans in the last 23 and a half years. If Bridget and her mom Colette and maybe one or two of those friends find something meaningful from an eventual rant or Biscuit photo, then my posts will have done their job.

It means the world to me that you found your way here! I wish I could send you a million and one corgis for making it to the post’s end. I really do.


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