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What I’m eyeing: Cake stands

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Part of the joy of baking is learning which tools work best and which tools simply aren’t worth the hype. Finding the right tools is like finding the right art: it just doesn’t happen overnight. In an effort to expand my own tools and ingredients, I’m starting a monthly series called “What I’m eyeing” which will feature kitchen-related items (or life-related items, who knows!) I’m eyeing.

First up: cake stands. Cake stands are not only great for dessert storage if they come with a lid, but they instantly elevate your presentation with zero effort. I have this one from Ikea, and while I love it, it’s large and the etched flowers are a little too serious for me. Is it possible for a cake stand to age you? Am I aging myself by even having one of these? YOLO. There are so many delightful options out there. Here’s what I’m eyeing.

Eyeing: cake stands.png

  1. Food52 – $39-84 (The pink glass stand is super cute too.)
  2. Bed Bath and Beyond – $39.99
  3. Etsy – $32.00 (Anthropologie’s more expensive version)
  4. Macy’s – $59.99 for two!

Watch out: if you’re looking on Etsy, make sure you don’t buy the doll-sized version (lol).


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