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Whole30 update: Week two

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Let’s pretend like there are ten days in one week for the purpose of these posts, shall we? As of today, I have ten days left of Whole30. Knowing there are more days behind me than in front of me is a beautiful thing. Are you sick of hearing about Whole30 yet? Trust me, I’m more than ready to be done!

Instead of a day by day breakdown, I thought I would answer some of the most frequently asked questions I’ve heard. I’ll keep my answers relatively brief, but if you’re thinking about trying Whole30, check out more meal ideas on my instagram or shoot me an email at emmagrdina(at)gmail(dot)com. I’d love to tell you more about it!


What is Whole30 again? 

Whole30 is a temporary reset of your relationship with food. Participants eliminate dairy, sugar, legumes, alcohol and gluten for thirty days after which point there is a re-introductory process.

But why would you do that?

I am extremely grateful for a healthy body which keeps me well most of the time and a healthy work-life balance which allows me to disconnect and enjoy time to myself.

That being said, I’ve suffered from frequent migraines and skin problems for at least the last three and a half years, and have never quite gotten to the root of the problem. While I’ve tried on more than one occasion to identify the cause, nothing has stuck, and I’m inevitably left more confused than before. Finally, it occurred me the food I’m putting in my body might be to blame. Again, small in comparison to other potential health issues, but bothersome to me nonetheless.

Have you cheated? 

Not that I’m aware of. But don’t get me wrong, I’m counting down until I can bust out my Kitchenaid once again and smear some avocado on toast in the morning.

So then what do you eat? 

Right around the halfway mark last Wednesday, I started getting bored of the regular meals I was rotating. I’ve made compliant buffalo chicken, potato pancakes with fried eggs, and cauliflower fried rice to name a few things, but my favorite meal so far has been spaghetti squash pad thai.

I snack less often than before, but when I do, I eat smoothies, almond butter with bananas, plantain chips and guacamole, and fresh fruit. I also discovered that carrots and guacamole is not as disgusting as it sounds!

And do you feel any better?

The first week on the program was really challenging. Everyone’s Whole30 experience differs, but it took even less than a week to make me realize just how much I’m an emotional eater who should probably make wiser snack choices.

Overall, I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin and energy levels, but I also think my mood fluctuates more than before. I’m not sure if the time of year is to blame (anyone else get the winter blues?) or if it’s because I miss inviting friends over to share in meals and desserts. For me, baking is therapy, so I’m looking forward to having that outlet again.

Would you ever do it again? 

As of now, no. It’s an expensive lifestyle I’m fortunate I can afford, but it’s difficult to be flexible with your social life because the plan is so strict. I hate feeling like a burden! This was never intended to be a longterm plan. If I want to have a beer or some cheese once in awhile, what’s the problem with that?

Although I have enjoyed feeling like I have control over my food choices more than the other way around. I no longer fall prey to pizza, and I really have enjoyed a different kind of fullness after each meal.

Congrats for making it to the end of the Q&A! Have you ever tried Whole30 or something similar? Any favorite meals you’d like to share? Shoot me an email at emmagrdina(at)gmail(dot)com or let me know in the comments below.

(p.s. Who knew swiss chard was so beautiful, huh? I took the first picture one Sunday morning after picking a bunch up at the farmer’s market. Of course my sugar-laden brain still thinks the stalks look like those colorful Twizzlers.)


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