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Eyeing: A mandoline

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As my only starch option, potatoes have appeared alongside nearly every meal I’ve made in the last twenty-three days. I’ve eaten eggs with potato pancakes, baked potatoes with buffalo chicken, sweet potato nachos – you name it. Have you ever tried to slice a potato into thin chips?

Wrangling and slicing any vegetable so that it’s thin and consistent as it slides around could be an Olympic sport, and the fact I’m typing this with all ten fingers intact is a damn miracle. Ever since Amanda Frederickson recommended her mandoline as one of her favorite kitchen items, I can’t un-think it! I need a mandoline.

From what I’ve read, mandolines are great for cutting down (pun intended, obviously) on time slicing and dicing, and they always create even, uniform slices. Not to mention you never again have to worry about an injury in the process! Or at least worry less so. I’m smitten! Positively smitten, and I need one of these STAT.

Each of the options I’ve included can stand on its own and has multiple blade thickness options to customize the results. Here’s what I’m eyeing.


  1. Amazon – $20.99
  2. Zyliss – $21.99
  3. OXO V blade – $39.95
  4. OXO – $69.95

p.s. A chopper?! I want everything! Might have to invest in these until then.


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