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Biscuit icing class at Biscuiteers


Aerial view of veggies as biscuits.jpg

While I didn’t return with an English accent or a wardrobe which looks like I walked straight out of Downton Abbey, I did return home from Iceland and London with a full stomach and so many happy memories! Both places were more incredible than I could have imagined. And since each place was so different from the other, it felt like a perfectly well-rounded trip chocked full of time relaxing and plenty of sightseeing.

I’m working on a longer post about everything we recommend if you’re planning on visiting, but until then I want to share more about my cookie icing class at Biscuiteers. Or rather biscuit icing class.

Biscuits in a biscuit tin.jpg

I got used to calling these bad boys “biscuits” pretty quickly because I didn’t want to bring shame to my country by being that American who messes up the line icing and can’t call cookies by their right name! Can you imagine? I was not looking to get myself kicked out of class, thankyouverymuch. I stood out enough by being the only one drinking coffee and calling the eggplant an eggplant instead of an “aubergine.” To say nothing of my accent. And let’s be real, I mostly stood out because I was telling anyone who would listen that it was my first time visiting London.

Thankfully, I didn’t get myself kicked out, and I also didn’t cry during class like I was worried I might (I was so relaxed on vacation, I could hardly predict when something was going to move me to tears). I first heard of Biscuiteers via the Discover section of Instagram. Their huge range of cookie designs – the fruit! the sweaters! – blew me away, and I especially love how friendly their captions are. When I saw they host cookie icing classes in London, I knew I had to sign up.

FullSizeRender 15.jpgHome Grown Biscuits in a tin.jpg

The class I took was on a Sunday afternoon from 11:30-1:30. During which, one Biscuiteer taught eight students how to ice cookies which look like veggies! We learned how to create a border of royal icing and then flood each cookie with colors using flood icing. The line icing is in the photo above in the piping bags and the flood icing is in the squeeze bottles. The squeeze bottles made all the difference! In the past, when I’ve used piping bags for flood icing, the icing is so runny it pours out through the icing tip which is less than ideal to say the least. Both the bags and the bottles were easy to use and as I type this I’m reminded I need to order some squeeze bottles to use at home.

We iced each cookie as a class step-by-step which made the designs far less intimidating than they might look. Here is a guide for icing some of the veggies pictured here.

Along with the the biscuits we iced, we also got to take home a biscuit tin (“Homegrown biscuits” be still my heart) and an apron which has the biscuiteers icing shop drawn on it! When I saw their shop on Instagram for the first time, I thought the design was photoshopped! Nope, it is that cute IRL.

FullSizeRender 16.jpgBirds eye view of the box.jpg

Thanks to their expert packing, nothing broke in transit! And even after waiting a full week to eat them, the biscuits were still perfectly fresh and delightfully chewy. They tasted like soft iced gingersnaps. Aka heaven. If you fancy making these yourself, here is the recipe for various cookie flavors and here is the recipe for both kinds of icing you will need. Just searching their Instagram will inspire you to up your cookie game, and I’m already looking forward to using what I learned again soon!

Aerial view of veggie biscuits on a table.jpg

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