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It’s never too late to post about resolutions

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It goes without saying that in 2017 I’d like to do a few things more: move, read, travel and bake. I’m not one for setting unrealistic goals, but I do love the feeling that with a new year comes a fresh start. Here are a few concrete items I’m holding myself accountable to achieving in 2017:

  1. Learn more about my camera. I have a Canon T2i, and like most things, I feel like I only know about 25% of the settings. I would love to up my photography game this year so I can finally feel like I’m making the most of my camera – one of my favorite purchases ever.
  2. Post more adventures here. I say it every year, but this year I’m not going to let myself make excuse after excuse. In the past whenever I posted, I got such a thrill! Writing and sharing work here is something I really enjoy, and I owe it to myself to devote more time to some of my favorite things.
  3. Run a half marathon. If you ever told me I’d grow up to be a runner, I’d think you were insane. I ran my first half marathon in 2011 in Chicago, and four years later I ran a full marathon in Chicago. Just thinking about those two events brings me so much pride, and I know I could do it again if only I had a race on the books.
  4. Be a great co-Maid of honor. With my sister’s wedding coming up this fall, there is lots to plan and get done, and I’m looking forward to all of it! It’s such a relief she’s navigating all the hurdles first. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking to learn some tips along the way.

(Photo from Leavenworth, WA. Hoping to see even more sites as beautiful as that one in 2017!) 


Life lately

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It’s been exactly one year since I began ~*official employment*~ and while I was writing a little bit about what I learned, I was bored. I think about work all day.

Instead, here are a few (slightly less related to work) items on my mind after living here more than a year.

Staying in touch with friends is hard. I’m listening to Mindy Kaling’s new book, Why Not Me, and there’s a beautiful chapter in it where she sums up all my feels about getting older and remaining in contact with best friends. In a particular chapter about weddings, Kaling writes, “The sad truth is that our “best friend” days are behind us.” I’m fortunate to have many wonderful humans in my life I call my best friends. Some might even say I have too many best friends. To that, I say, life’s a party, and it’s too short to leave people out of it. Friendships are treasures! And the truest friendships last forever. After living half of a country away from some of my favorite humans in the world, I’m thanking every star in the sky for the myriad of technology which makes home and some of my longest friendships feel a little less far away.

Be kind to yourself. Instagram is the best social media, if you ask me. I love seeing where other people have traveled, how far they’ve run and what strangers are reading (and eating!). But real-life can’t be summed up in a heavily edited, hand-selected image. I’m not going to cite every study about the negative effects of viewing other people’s lives on social media. It goes without saying that thinking everyone else has it made isn’t good for anyone. No one has everything figured out. On the days when I feel like everyone has everything together but me, I’m reminding myself of Amy Poehler’s wisdom, “Good for her. Not for me.”

Empathy is key. I’d like to think I’ve gotten a lot better about explaining my job. At its core, I help to make the internet (lol I accidentally wrote “world”) a better place. There is some really awful design in the wild. Side note: I will never understand how people look at Reddit all day. A large portion of my job is thinking about how people use the internet. What time do they log on? How big is their screen? Do they want to share something? Do they have a disability? How old are they? There are hundreds of factors that determine how someone finds and disseminates information, and the internet is a scary place. By observing trends and talking to users (and looking over shoulders on the metro), we have a better idea of just what to include to make the experience more enjoyable. A little empathy for both colleagues, and the people who log onto our site goes a very long way.


Reading Why Not Me, Happy City, The Elements of Typographic Style, Between the World and Me

Visiting by the Creative Director at Ralph Lauren!

Listening to Downtown by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Dying to try Making cinnamon rolls! Tis the season for filling your apartment with all things fall, amiright!?

Proud of Lizzie Johnson – a best friend of mine, for sharing that she’s having a hard time in a city she fully expected would embrace her by now. Thanks for giving us all a little extra courage to speak up, Lizzie!